The CSHA is an initiative by Protect Our Wild Animals [POWA] and is endorsed by the Hunt Monitors Association [HMA]. It is currently funded by POWA and any donations made through this website go to POWA to fund the campaign.

POWA is a nationwide network of highly experienced and knowledgeable anti-bloodsports campaigners, all unpaid volunteers.

POWA's primary current goal is to secure amendments to the Hunting Act 2004 in order to significantly ease enforcement and enhance deterrence, so that the Act properly protects wild mammals from being hunted for 'sport' with dogs, most particularly by organised Hunts. The legislation is notably failing to do so at present.

See for further info on our campaign and for all the latest news on organised hunting in the UK. For legal reasons, Protect Our Wild Animals Limited is a Private Limited Company, registered in England & Wales, number 6687073, registered address 77 Hampton Crescent East, Cyncoed, Cardiff CF23 6RG.

The HMA is a liaison group for independent hunt monitors, also all unpaid volunteers. Monitors affiliated to the HMA gathered the footage that led to the Heythrop Hunt and two of its members pleading guilty, in December 2012, to 12 offences of illegal hunting. Some of that footage can be seen below:

Monitors have also obtained a very great deal of other footage of various Hunts which they believe shows them actually hunting wild mammals and/or attempting to do so. Much of such footage and personal witness testimony has, over the past several years, been referred to the police/CPS for possible prosecution. But, though compelling, so very high is the evidential barrier set under the Hunting Act that all of it was deemed inadequate to secure convictions.

See below for more about the reasons for - and the perils and frustrations of - hunt monitoring.