Grafton Hunt Saturday 12 December 2020
Hunts have awarded themselves the right to continue hunting during Covid restrictions - but even they should respect the rules.
But then …hunts and respecting rules just don’t go together, do they?
If you see a hunt behaving in a way that concerns you, contact the police on 101

What Trail, What's a Trail?

Grafton Hunt, put on a show for the anti hunt monitors. Hunts claim they are 'trail' hunting when we believe that they are still fox hunting illegally.

Is this cynical subterfuge or a “smokescreen” to allow them to continue illegally hunting.



'Stowe' Woman Arabella Archwright Calls Monitor a Paedophile - Grafton Hunt Worry Pregnant Sheep 23:1:2018

Stowe School Meet, Buckingham - 23 January 2018 Arabella Archwright hurls lies and slanderous language at Hunt Monitor before the Grafton Hunt rampage through fields of sheep. The shepherd who was very angry but did not want to appear on social media, told me that the hounds had run through three fields of his pregnant sheep. "We have a lot of pregnant sheep here, it can cause abortion if they get upset." People who work in the countryside will often not speak out against the hunt for fear of recriminations or loss of business. Such is the power the hunts can wield.

Excellent portrayal of the reality of Fox Hunts and the nasty cruel behaviour of foxhunters towards their own animals and their appalling behaviour towards Hunt Monitors.

Vile sexual insults and abuse from Grafton Hunt supporters

If anyone out there still thinks fox hunters are respectable people, just watch this film. It involves sexual insults of a disgusting nature, directed at anti hunt monitors by so called "hunt stewards" - and women hunt supporters join in. Shocking. And watch to the end for further absolutely shocking and aggressive behaviour towards a female hunt monitor by two young hunters and their parents. The reality of fox hunting - only participated in by people who have the lowest possible standards.

Hunt Monitors received an unequivocal apology for mistakes made by the Crown Prosecution Service 

For being let down badly by the criminal justice service as their 'handling of the case did not meet the high standards they aspire to."

More shocking scenes from a hunt, in September 2016, despite the fact that hunting was banned in 2005.

The Hunting Act must be strengthened to put a stop to scenes like these.

Documenting some of our time with the Atherstone Hunt last season. Due to the demand after our recent successful screening of the grassroots documentary put together by ourselves we've now posted the film up online. If you would like a copy please private message us. Please watch and share. If you would like to helps us please like and share our page and donate via this link: https://www.facebook.com/West-Midlands-Hunt-Saboteurs-243223759156039/app/190322544333196/


Undercover footage handed to the Hunt Saboteurs Association by independent investigators, shows the Pytchley Hunt rearing and hunting foxes in direct contravention of the Hunting Act. The footage shows the hunt terrier men keeping captive foxes in an artificial earth, an underground tunnel system built by the hunt to maintain the fox population in an area they plan to hunt.

The terrier men introduce cubs to the earth and initially keep them caged to ensure they don't leave the area. Once they are attached to the area the cage is removed to allow the cubs free rein in the wood. As can be seen, not all the cubs survive captivity.

In May 2016, the Hunt Investigation Team installed covert cameras at the South Hereforshire Hunt kennels. What we found was truly shocking. Hunt staff threw a supply of caged live fox cubs to the hounds, in a barbaric training ritual to instill a hunting bloodlust in the hounds. Hunting has been banned for years in the UK, yet behind the scenes, the crime and cruelty continue.
In June 2019, after a three year police investigation riddled with attempts to thwart the prosecution, four members of the hunt were found guilty of animal cruelty offences. They escaped jail, in disgracefully lenient sentencing for this level of deliberate animal cruelty.
For more information on the Hunt Investigation Team and our undercover work against bloodsports, please visit our website: www.huntinvestigationteam.org

The Disappearing Fox - A Christmas Mystery for the Boxing Day Hunts

In December 2015 the League Against Cruel Sports carried out an undercover investigation which resulted in the discovery and rescue of a fox we believe was being held to be hunted by the Belvoir Hunt.

This film asks - Is this illegal foxhunting?

Just one of many pieces of evidence submitted by hunt monitors to the authorities and subsequently rejected for "lack of evidence." In 2014, monitors submitted several complaints to the authorities of the Grafton Hunt foxhunting illegally. They were told that there was "insufficient evidence" to take further.

This newly-published footage from the Duke of Buccleuch’s Hunt appears to show illegal hunting. Hounds are seen chasing a fox, with encouragement from the huntsman.

In May this year, the League Against Cruel Sports published a video exposé which suggested that half of Scotland’s hunts were breaking the law. You can view this investigation here - http://www.league.org.uk/scottishhunts

Aren't Our Police Wonderful - Especially at Hunt Meets?

Whilst attempting to monitor the Grafton Hunt because of suspected illegal foxhunting at Shelswell Park, Newton Purcell, Bicester on 19 February 2015, a female Hunt Monitor was subjected to bullying tactics by the hunt servants. She was blocked in by vehicles belonging to the hunt or hunt supporters for over two hours.

The police were useless in this situation. Take a look and see what you think. Totally unacceptable!

The Shy Huntsman or What the Grafton Hunt Didn't Want You to See

Hunt Monitors believe that this  film shows illegal fox hunting but the authorities said "the footage fell short of having a realistic chance of success in the courts....that's not to say that they were not hunting".

We feel this reinforces the fact that The Hunting Act needs strengthening to make it easier for the authorities to prosecute those hunts that continue to cynically make a mockery of the law.

Hunt Monitoring https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hunt_Mo... is an activity undertaken by concerned individuals who want to see the Hunting Act upheld.

This film aims to show the public what Monitors experience whilst attempting to gather the evidence of suspected illegal hunting.

The behaviour of the Grafton Hunt members is absolutely appalling and sometimes even violent. To learn more about Hunt Monitors and their campaigns please visit our Facebook pages: 



What other gang of criminals could get away with repeatedly conspiring to break the law and often with menaces towards those who gain the footage?

Yet more evidence, if indeed it was needed, that the Hunting Act needs strengthening.

Historical Footage DepictingCruelty of Hunting that we Mustn't Go Back To

 NEW CAMPAIGNING FILM by scorpiovulpus

Hunting brutality that Cameron wants to legalise

Foxes are sensitive, intelligent and lovely animals. To hunters they are defenceless targets to be hounded to a terrible death. David Cameron, now re-elected in 2015, can't wait to overturn the Hunting Act. He and his Tory hunt supporting chums must be stopped.

Grafton Hunt supporter's shocking remarks

David Cameron intends to give his hunting chums a repeal of the Hunting Act

By Rupert Evelyn: ITV News Correspondent

Think of a reason why anyone would repeatedly throw away dead chickens, rabbits, eggs and rats in an isolated Gloucestershire field. These are the images covertly captured by the Hunt Saboteurs Association and, to answer the question, the HSA believe that what they've filmed shows the North Cotswold Hunt (NCH) leaving food out for foxes to eat.

The footage is graphic and raises important questions about what the NCH have been up to.

They say there was no evidence.They say they hunt legally now. They say they now do “trail hunting” (following a fox’s urine trail rather than the scent of a live fox), and because of that they should not be prosecuted under the Hunting Act.

Ok, let’s see if you buy into this.

Police are investigating claims that a fox was killed in a hunt hosted by David Cameron’s father-in-law. Hunt protesters clashed with the York & Ainsty South Hunt amid claims that eight hounds chased and killed the fox after setting off from the 18th Century country estate of Sutton Park, in North Yorkshire, owned by Samantha Cameron’s father Sir Reginald Sheffield. 

YouTube by Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt Justice for Nid

This interview was broadcast on BBC News Points West 09/03/15

A young woman was struck by a galloping horse and air lifted to hospital.

Following public protests the file is being re-opened by the Crown Presecution Service. 

Chris Williamson MP has written to the chief constable demanding action by the police: "Continual inaction by the police is totally unacceptable."

Judy CHSA.m4v Judy CHSA.m4v
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Illegal hunting and assault captured on film by hunt sabs.

Hunt saboteurs Association Press Release 03.03.15

Saboteur Footage Clearly shows Illegal Hunting by the Atherstone Hunt.

On saturday the 28th February 2015 West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs attended a meet of the Atherstone Fox hunt at Sibston, Leicestershire. They were there to gather evidence of illegal hunting and to intervene if necessary to save hunted foxes.

From the start of the day it was clear that the Atherstone were illegally hunting as they repeatedly put their hounds through areas likely to contain foxes with no evidence that a trail had been laid.

The above video shows a fox being closely pursued by the Atherstone hounds. The huntsman, Stuart Barton, and whipper in are present at the time and do nothing to stop this illegal hunting. Their only concern is to impede and assault the saboteurs who are filming their law breaking. Barton (in the red coat) can be seen using his horse to ride at a sab and pin them against a wall. The video also shows the saboteurs being assaulted by hunt supporters who try and steal their cameras. One female saboteur received nasty cuts to her face after a hunt supporter dug her nails into her face.

Leicestershire police were present on the day but showed little interest when the saboteurs reported the illegal hunting and assaults.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt saboteurs association, stated: “Although this video clearly shows illegal hunting, saboteurs have decided not to present it to the police but rather publicise it through the media. We are sick of police forces across the country sitting on evidence for months or losing footage before quietly announcing that no case will be pursued against their friends in the hunting community. We hope that when the public see this blatant law breaking they will make their feelings of disgust clear to Leicestershire police and remember that the Conservative Party want to legalise this barbaric pursuit if they are returned to power in May.”