Ann Widdecombe "Law is law and to allow a particular group of people to disregard it with impunity does nobody any credit. We need legal protection for hunt monitors and a recognised role for them but we also need to strengthen the Act to make it easier for the police to take action."

Colin Baker "If we hope to have even a small chance of being viewed as a civilised and compassionate society then we have to put an end to what can only be described as ‘killing for fun’. There are no excuses or justification for scores of people on horseback with a pack of dogs pursuing one animal to its death. There is also no justification for failing to prosecute and condemn those who continue to take part in such bestial and illegal activities, showing lofty contempt for the law and common decency. I am whole-heartedly in support of the Hunt Monitors Association and POWA who are bravely doing everything they can to protect our wildlife."

 Sir Patrick Stewart  "As a countryman I support the Hunt Monitors Association and POWA in their campaign to strengthen the hunting ban laws. Presently there are too many loopholes which the Hunts exploit quite cynically."

Peter Egan "I completely support your campaign to strengthen the act brought in by the Labour government, to prosecute those who break the law in relation to the hunting act."

 John McDonnell MP “There is mounting evidence that hunts are avoiding the law and by various devices continuing the barbaric practice of hunting foxes down to a bloody kill. The Government needs to act to prevent this abuse of the spirit of the anti hunting legislation.” 

November 2008, John McDonnell MP supports the call for the Government to act to toughen the law against hunting.